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Cajun Seasonings and Cajun Spices for Creole Cooking
Colonel Lee's Private Stock
"The Original"
Louisiana Creole Seasoned Salt,
an American favorite
for nearly 50 years!!"

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Red Pepper Hot Creole Seasoning
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Creole Seasoned Garlic Salt
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Red Pepper Hot Creole Seasoning
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Creole Seasoned Garlic Salt
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Louisiana Creole Seasonings

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Colonel Lee's Private Stock "The Original"

Lousiana Creole Seasoned Salt
Brings out hidden flavors!
Great for Outdoor Cooking!
Makes a Bloody Mary Terrific!

Soup and Gumbos: Makes these dishes more tempting than ever before.

Rice: Season cooking water to taste and cook as usual. Gives a "wild rice" flavor. Perfect for chicken and turkey dressings. Great served plain with butter.

Vegetables: Brings out new flavor when used with Asparagus, brocolli, brussell sprouts, green beans and many other vegetables.

Salads: A perfect seasoning for Green salads as well as Sliced Tomatoes and Cucumbers. Delicious in Home Made Salad Dressing.

Macaroni and Spaghetti: Season water to taste and cook as usual. Adds wonderful flavor to Spaghetti Sauce.

Louisiana Chicken & Seafood Creole Seasoning
Last Word in Flavor for Chicken, Seafood, and many other dishes!!

Delicious on roasts, steaks, chops, lamb, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, wild game, fish, shrimp, egg dishes, fresh vegetables and salads. Adds new flavor to meat loaf, soups, gumbos, sauces, casseroles, chowders, vegetable juices and seafood dishes such as Shrimp Creole, Escalloped Oyters, and Crab Imperial.

Louisiana Fried Chicken Recipe:
(A) Cut chicken (2 1/2 lb.avg.) into pieces and season to taste. For increased flavor, cover and refrigerate at least 6 hours before frying. Place pices in a paper bag with flour and shake until lightly coated. Place 1/4 inch cooking oil in skillet, set at Medium heat, and cook covered, each side 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Drain on cookie sheet covered with a brown paper bag or paper towels.

(B)Prepare as above but Deep Fry, setting heat at 375 degrees on Cooker. Cook until all spices are brown and float. For heavier crust, dip-pices in milk before skaking in bag with flour.

Lousiana Creole Red Pepper Hot
Flavorful-Not Just Hot!
A Wonderful Addition to Your Spice Shelf!

A combination of 22 herbs and spices combined to bring out the essence of Creole Cooking. Use on meats, fish, poultry and salads. Sprinkle on both sides of steaks before broiling. A delicious seasoning for Salad Dressings. Added to either Barbecue Sauce or Meat gives a rich new flavor.

Ideal for preparing spicy Cajun Shrimp or Blackened Red Fish. A mouth-watering seasoner for Roasted or Broiled Chicken. A new taste treat when added to Rice, Cream Cheese based Dips, Tomato and Vegetable Juices, Omelets, Scrambled Eggs, Gumbos and Cheese Dishes.

Seasoned Garlic Salt
For Those Who Like a Special Touch of Garlic!

Colonel Lee's Special Lamb Recipe:
(A)Clean lamb-shoulder, rack, leg, roast or chops-by wiping with a damp cloth.
(B)Bring lamb to room temperature.
(C)Sprinkle Seasoned Garlic Salt on all sides of meat. You will need no other seasonings! Cook in desired manner.

"Out of This World" Hamburgers:
(A)Bring ground beef to room temperature.
(B)Stir in 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. Seasoned Garlic Salt per lb. *Broil or pan fry. "Use the smaller amount for "Turkeyburgers."

Golden Salad Dressing:
In a small bowl combine: 1/2 tsp. Seasoned Garlic Salt
1 Tbs. Water, 2 Tbs. White Wine Vinegar, 1 Tbs. Olive Oil, 2 Tbs. Canola Oil, Dash Wet Mustard, Several grains Cayenne (Red) Pepper.
Beat vigorously. Yield 1/4 cup. Vary by adding 1 tsp. Mayonaise to listed ingredients. Beat thoroughly.

History of Colonel Lee's Private Stock Creole Seasoned Salt

COLONEL LEE’S Private Stock ”The Original” Creole Seasoned Salt was developed in early 60’sright here in America and remains “Made in the good old USA!” .It was first labelled for market in 1966! We believe it is the oldest Creole Seasoned Sale and we found none that claims otherwise.

Old Advertisement from 1967

“Lagniappe”, pronounced “Lon yap” Is a Cajun French word meaning “a little extra amount as a gift” an is a long held Louisiana tradition.

Each of our 4 or 4.5 oz. products actually contains nearly ONE FULL OUNCE extra of our delicious products as “Lagniappe!” Our larger 14 and 14.5 oz. products contains almost ONE HALF OUNCE, a little extra as a gift to our customers.

As Louisianans you hear us say”Lasissez les bons temps rouler”, “Let the good times roll”!

Did you know that Creole and Cajun are very different and distinct cuisines?

Creole spices were influenced by a” Blending of Cultures” of Native American, Spanish, French, Italians, German, African an all immigrants settling early American colonies.

Creole kitchens in those very early years were generally in the aristocratic home and restaurants of New Orleans and the cuisine is based on rich creamery butter.

New Orleans
Shrimp Creole

Cajun cuisine came years later as the French Acadians arrived from Nova Scotia and their cuisine is more related to the rural farming areas and based on lard and animal fats.

Our COLONEL LEE’S Private Stock Creole seasoned blends contain 22 herbs and spices, specially formulate to capture the flavors of the old creole kitchens of early Louisiana.

Our Seasonings “May be habit forming”. They make all foods taste better, more fLavorable and without a doubt you a better chef!

COLONEL LEE’Ss is a “Certified Product of Louisiana”, produced in Denham Springs, Louisiana, a small community east of Baton Rouge. “And of course Also, COLONEL LEE’S is” Certified Cajun” and” Certified Creole” products

We love Colonel Lee’s Private Stock so much we bought the company!
Dave & Angie Phillips

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