Recipe websites for: Crab Rangoon Ii

"Crab Rangoon Ii"

8 oz Cream cheese at room tempera

8 oz Crabmeat, flaked

1/4 t Garlic powder

1/2 t Worstershire sauce

1 lb Wonton wrappers

1 ea Egg yolk beaten

4 c Oil of your choice for deep

Mix crabmeat, garlic powder and Worstershire sauce together in a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Place one tsp. of mixture on wonton wrapper, moisten edges with egg yolk and fold the wrapper in half to form a triangle then seal edges. Fold the two furthermost points under so you have something resembling a little bird. You don't have to do the last part but I looks decorative. It should look something like this: Hope this looks OK on your screen: ____________________ / / /____ /_____ / / / In a wok heat the oil to 350 f. Deep fry the wontons for 2-3 minutes turning once until golden brown. Enjoy! They are delicious!